18353 Mt Langley St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708, United States

If you somehow stumbled upon this "About us" page, congratulations. You're a trailblazer. Anyhow, I assume you are relatively interested in our company so here is my story: My name is André Grossi and I got my start in the car business way back in 2002 for a leasing company. When I figured out he was ripping people off, I started my own leasing company. After 3 years in the leasing business, I decided I wanted to move some metal. I hooked up with Tilo Steurer at EuroCar in 2006. After 5 wonderful years of marriage to EuroCar, it was time for me to change my day job. I started working in a completely different industry in the beginning of 2011. However, the car business is like the mafia. You can never get out completely. I love cars. So here I am back in the car business full time. In the great State of California they consider us a dealer so we are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Feel free to look us up, our dealer number is 48472. So that's my story, and I hope to cross paths with you in the near future! I can always be reached at 949-722-4500 x101.