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Feb 6, 2018
Check out the sounds of Chip’s iconic Magnaflow-equipped FD-100! Chip’s “Overlord” F-100 graced the Magnaflow HQ showroom a few weeks ago and we took some time out of our day to record the fantastic noises this pickup makes. Enjoy!
Available for sale now! This is the Foose™ Ford FD-100 Pickup truck that Revell model enthusiasts and Foose fans voted for in a contest to go into production.
We laser scanned the actual vehicle to create super-accurate ALL NEW TOOLING for the 1/25 scale, paint & glue model kit. The engine is a special Roush® racing engine, serial #1, and the wheels are a one of a kind design. Kit # 85-4426 Available on or see the store locator to find a retailer location nearest you.
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